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In 10 months my client:

Made $766,925 in profit
Went from 60 hour weeks to just 20
Paid off over $150,000 in debt
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In 10 months my client made $766,925 in profit, works only 20 hours per week, paid off over $150,000 in debt and has an 80% close rate!

Meet your Strategist, Kym.

I cut my teeth in the project management field so I know lots about catalysing business endeavours. I tuned into the art of making hard, time-bound critical decisions in my 7 years directing political campaigns here and abroad - leading with my instinct and nous. I have over 10 years experience helping businesses just like yours make more profit and grow with ease and speed.

I bring a unique insight into designing million dollar businesses that eliminate ‘busy work' and focus on profit so you're operating from your most powerful space, enabling you to achieve the income, business and lifestyle you desire.

Time and time again I listen to woman entrepreneurs share their desire to hit the $1M mark in their business, but very few truly BELIEVE it's possible or gets stuck in the dream because they don't know how to build a business that's sustainable and profitable.

That's where my company and team of strategists help! We peel away all the 'deadwood' in your business and craft a smart streamlined business plan that shows you exactly how to hit your $1M goal.

10 months from now I could be showcasing your $100k to $1M journey -
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